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Air by Mega and Soul a Corran Addison design

Air by Mega and Soul a Corran Addison design
Small size Medium size Large size

W have three new freestyle kayaks in the works that Mega will be producing in composite (only - no plastic). High performance, and designed to go out and win the worlds (assuming someone of that calibre paddles it).

What's important however is to understand that the three sizes are not scale models of one of the sizes (invariably the M). They are stand alone designs. Of course they are based on one another, but the S is not a smaller M, and neither is the L a bigger M.

Why is this?

A 6' person (183cm) in a Large is 6% taller than someone 5'8" (173cm) in a Medium. A 5'3" (160cm) person in a Small is 6% smaller than someone 173cm tall.

But, a 160lbs (73kg) person is 27% lighter than a 220lbs (100kg) paddler, and likewise a 130lbs (59kg) paddler is 19% smaller than a 160lbs paddler.

The height difference from S to M to L is about a quater of the weight difference. If you direct scale the boat up for the weight increase, it's too long for the height increase, and vice versa.

This means that the boats ability to carry a heavier or lighter paddler is very different from its need to carry a taller or shorter paddler, and so I adjust the designs accordingly, increasing its load carrying capacity much more than it's height fitting capacity from M to L, and the inverse from M to S.

It's much more work of course as all the data has to be calculated for three totally different designs, not just once and then scaled up and down, but the end result is much better suited for the paddlers.


Air 55 (Small)
Length 175cm
Width 65cm
Volume 208ltr

Air 63 (Medium)
Length 180
Width 67
Volume 239ltr

Air 69 (Large)
Length 185
Width 68.5
Volume 262ltr




The final build spec prices will be :

Glass club spec 13kg £1450

Heavy duty river spec 12kg £1850 plus delivery and options

Xtech spec 10kg £1850  plus delivery and options

or Carbolite pro spec 8kg £2050 plus delivery and options

The price marked below is for a Pre Order deposit only!

SKU SKU18070
Our price: £200.00
including VAT 20.00 %
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