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Mega Team


Our test team, ambassadors and competition surfers.

Take a look at our Mega team for this year.
They have all been chosen because the bring something absolutely special to the Surf kayak world and to Mega.

They work tirelessly to promote us among their own peer groups from Making fantastic videos ,
Getting awesome photos,
Attending competition after competition
Promoting for us when we can't make it ,
Constantly recommending our boats
Helping other surfers.
For being the most excellent roll models
Performing to the best of their abilities on the day
For being bright , fun people we really like.
And for being Mega!

If you think you have what it takes to be part of team Mega why not get in touch and tell us about yourself? Right now we are missing a talented Junior . Do you know someone that can make a difference to our sport?

Glyn Brackenbury (England)
Prototype and product tester
British IC champion 2011 - known globaly as "The Coach"     Prototyp and product tester Halo, Banshee, Ghost , Viking
Aiden Brackenbury (England)
Prototype and product tester
British junior HP and IC champion 2013 British IC champion 2013 Edge, Ghost
Philip Watson (England)
Prototype and product tester
HP champion 2016 . Really on form right now Edge, Ghost
Marc Woolward
Product tester
4 x British Masters Champ ... He went away and came back even more committed Matrix
Andy Macllelland (N Ireland) World junior IC champion 2011 Edge, Trident
Deb Pinniger (Swindon) Double freestyle World champion Vamp
Will Mattos (Cornwall Author, Actor and Soul Surfer Edge
Hodei Crujeiras 2017 Junior IC champion Matrix
Matt Hoff (Captain America) He's won too many to list Edge, Matrix, Banshee, Ghost, Vamp
Kelly Marie Henry If Matt is Captain America I think this makes Kelly err... Wonder Woman !! Missile, Vamp and Matrix
Lucy McQeen Jones Currenty killing it on the big stage!! GB and Euro HP Champ Matrix
Ricardo Ribero Portugese champion Matrix and Bullitt
Cris Fander Argentia , Cris has really earned his place on our team with his enthusiastic promotion of Mega  
Doug Cooper In wild places doing wild things getting wild photo's Thing

Archie Clark                                  Junior Team                                                                                                                                    Mega Matrix



WW Freestyle
Zack Bennett                               Young Guns Freestyle winner                                                      Minion


Polo team Mega

John Littlewood X-cell
Nathan Littlewood Velocity , Artaban
Beth Littlewood Artaban S
Luca Bellini Mystere
Chris Arrowsmith Raptor



Our Media Partner

And the most important team members: