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The Cheetah Extreme Slalom kayak

The Cheetah Extreme Slalom kayak
275cm * 63cm*33cm and 254ltr and right on the ICF 18kg weight limit our  Rockhard layup will survive a serious amount of Extreme Slalom abuse.
Mass produced, available through selected retailers our first production run starts before the end of the year.
The “Cheetah” is Mega kayaks first foray into the Extreme Slalom - Half Slice world. Designed by Corran Addison, this is a traditional style displacement hull that focuses more on speed and traditional technical paddling. Ultra responsive hull that’s fast, carries glide and moves about the river with grace, combined with a super fun squirty tail that will whip around with no effort at all. From slalom gates, to class 3-4 river running, “Cheetah” is going to open your eyes to new ways of paddling, with the performance and response in an ultra durable "Rockhard" composite construction with weight mainly centred around the paddler area for easier , more precise control.
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