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Mega Rampage db series design

Mega Rampage db series design
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8x World Champion Darren Bassons db series of designes are now being made for the european and Americam markets by Mega. Darrens Random Surf kayaks are designed based on a wave ski hull and seating position is recommended to be further back in the cock pit and seat raised for more high performance ..
Designed for high performance surfing and with the smaller paddlers in mind ! We shaped this hull from a wave ski and built the deck around it. It has been designed with raising the seat position in mind and with a lap belt and high seat this makes the rampage into a high performance ski like performer .  It has more drive out of the turns and accelerates with every manouvre .  A new hull gives maximum performance but also with the chines on the rail makes the Rampage very forgiving for both beginners and advanced paddlers alike( no tripping when you come down from one of those big re-entries). It makes surfing vertical look easy and airs are  common sight once you have mastered the Rampage!

Although the Rampage is smaller than the  Revolution ,its mainly in the volume and not the length, we have taken the the tail in and made the kayak slightly more narrow and reduced the volume through the front. It makes the Rampage more suited to the smaller frame adult or junior , so if your under 5'10"  and under 11 stone (70kg / 150lbs) this is the ideal surf kayak for you !!
Fins = Thruster
Squashed square tail
length 225cm
width 60cm
depth 30cm

Things you need to know:
Our kayaks : Every kayak is custom made to your design and build spec choice.

Out fitting ; We include;


Our standard seat,

adjustable back strap,

one set of fins ,

3 pairs of foam foot blocks

and recessed stainless steel grab loop mounts

Colour : There is no standard colour or design , we will try to match your design choice. See examples.

Order: You don't have to order online, if you prefer you can call , email , facebook message or even Whasap .

Once ordered: we will send you confirmation emails and clarify that your order is as you wish before your payment is processed

Order time: It will take about 6 - 8 weeks to complete your build

Delivery: This website calculates delivery, If you prefer to collect from us then we will deduct the postage price before your payment is processed


Build Specs : See here

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Build spec
Back rest
Glitter Deck
Travel bag
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