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Strengthening carbon wrap

Strengthening carbon wrap

Mega Composites – Carbon Pole repair costs Prices per customer job. This price is for one strengthening wrap section (50mm wide carbon) for more wraps just buy in which ever multiple your pole needs .

The final invoice will include return shipping to you.
Please include a copy of your invoice paperwork when yo post you broken pole to us. It will povide us with all your contact details and a job number.
If for any reason we cannot complete you repair any pre paid invoices will be refunded in full .

Carbon fishing pole repairs.


Mega Composites can repair almost any level of damage to your Pole
from crushed sections , worn joints, breaks, splits, cracks, or chipped areas can all
usually be rectified.
With over 25 years experience in making carbon sporting equipment and carbon components we have the experience and knowledge to repair even the worst breakages without
adversely affecting the normal
characteristics of a pole.
allowing repaired sections will continue to
give years of reliable service.

 We will also be happy to quote for:
Missing sections
Full refurbishment
Pulla converstions

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