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Mega Blaze Lightweight spec, Lightweight Kayaks

Mega Blaze Lightweight spec, Lightweight Kayaks

Mega kayaks lightweight range ...
A special spec derived from the technology used in our racing kayaks
especially for people that need the lightest weight possible.

Lively , easy to transport , easy to lift , easy to use.

This special construction allows us to bring the weight down to about 10 kg

Meet the Blaze

At just 14' long the "Blaze" is an ideal sea kayak for the smaller paddler or as a weekend boat.

Fully fitted out with two hatches, bulkheads decklines and shockcords the "Blaze" is available with or without a retractable skeg.

The "Blaze" tracks remarkably well considering its short length yet is very manoeuvrable.
A wide range of colour options and build specs are available

Length 14' (4.3mtrs)
Width 22.75"(57cms)

Things you need to know:
Our kayaks : Every kayak is custom made to your design and build spec choice.

Out fitting ; We include;

Our standard seat,

Adjustable back strap,

Foot pedals

Triple ply bulk heads

Deck lines


Colour : There is no standard colour or design , we will try to match your design choice. See examples.

Order: You don't have to order online, if you prefer you can call , email , facebook message or even Whasap .

Once ordered: we will send you confirmation emails and clarify that your order is as you wish before your payment is processed

Order time: It will take about 6 - 8 weeks to complete your build

Delivery: This website calculates delivery, If you prefer to collect from us then we will deduct the postage price before your payment is processed


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