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Kayak surfing by Bill Mattos signed copy

Kayak surfing  by Bill Mattos signed copy

Kayak surfing by Bill Mattos signed copy

A modern, illustrated guide to the progressive sport of kayak surfing, which covers in detail the basic principles of surfing, equipment, surfing etiquette, advanced techniques and the psychology and philosophy of ocean wave-riding. This book is equally suited to the expert paddler and to the beginner considering taking up surfing in a kayak. The text has been written by Bill Mattos, one of the best-known exponents of the sport, who has travelled extensively in a long career as a professional kayaker and writer, and whose unique approach both to performance surfing and to the descriptive process cannot fail to inform and to inspire. Photographic material is drawn both from sequence shots of the author demonstrating his techniques, and spectacular inspirational photos from pioneering surf missions all over the planet, featuring a number of the world's best kayak surfers. Never before has such a book been published, taking kayakers deep into the world of surfing and establishing them in it's history and almost tribal hierarchy. Not only that, but this book effortlessly delivers skill and technique advice that will have other riders in the surf open-mouthed with surprise and envy.


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