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Mega Fantum

Mega Fantum
  • Designer: Jim Snyder
  • Length: 8'5”
  • Width: 26”
  • Format: K1

This is a rodeo-centric design.  It's meant to excel at surfing and cartwheels. The Fantum is the first of the modern short surfing squirt designed by from Jim Snyder. Designed around a 28-32” inseam, it is more of a surface-oriented “hybrid” squirt design than the Hellbender . It features a wide, true planing hull with hard chines, a knee position spread farther apart than other designs, and minimal room in the foot area. Though not a mystery machine (it will sink, but tends to stall quickly and pop back to the surface), it has found favour with kayak surfers and amongst those who want a low-volume, hard-carving, super-loose and super-stiff surf/cartwheel machine for river use. A slightly larger cut will accommodate those purposes well, without the discomfort that characterizes similar designs.

Things you need to know:
Our kayaks : Every kayak is custom made to your design and build spec choice. All are constructed in epoxy resin.

Out fitting ; We include;

Our standard seat pad,
Simple artwork
Factory chop based on your measurements

Colour : There is no standard colour or design , we will try to match your design choice. See examples.

Order: You don't have to order online, if you prefer you can call , email , facebook message or even Whasap .

Once ordered: we will send you confirmation emails and clarify that your order is as you wish before your payment is processed

Order time: It will take about 6 - 8 weeks to complete your build

Delivery: This website calculates delivery, If you prefer to collect from us then we will deduct the postage price before your payment is processed


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