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Mega Bandit Double sea kayak

Mega Bandit Double sea kayak

The Mega Bandit Double sea kayak
A double sea kayak capable of setting records , handling all conditions and looking after its paddlers.


670x57cm 22kg -30 kg including rudder and 5 hatches . Very fast and stable.

The bandits used for the IOW challenge (pictured) are 27kg Superlite spec boats.

Fully fitted out with 5 hatches, bulkheads decklines and shockcords and  is available with or without a retractable skeg.

The new Bandit Double . Light enough to carry it to the water on your own ....... Yep I think it is


Soldiers set new record on the water

Soldiers who suffered terrible injuries in Afghanistan have set a new record for kayaking around the Isle of Wight,


Taking part were three amputees, with seven double kayaks in total. They covered 54 miles in 10 hours and 25 minutes. The challenge was organised by the Pilgrim Bandits charity which helps wounded serviceman by organising tough physical challenges.


Amputee Ex-Servicemen Set New Record for Circumnavigating Isle of Wight

11th June 2016. Three amputee servicemen; Jimmy Wilson, Hari-Budha Magar and Tyler Christopher have set a team record for the 54mile kayak around the Isle of Wight of just over 10 hours.

An able-bodied record of approx. 7 hours exists, set by single kayaks but this new record set in double kayaks by men without legs is a remarkable accomplishment and one the team will now seek to better next year.

This first Isle of Wight circumnavigation kayak also forms part of the charity’s training for this year’s gruelling Greenland Kayak Expedition taking part in September.

James McMullen, for Pilgrim Bandits Charity Explains. “The weather was perfect on Saturday. The record of 10 hours 25 mins was set by ex-Ghurkha Hari Budha Magar, a double leg amputee partnered in his kayak by veteran Richie Couzens. Jimmy and Tyler and their partners came close behind. We can’t thank all our supporters enough for their wonderful generosity of spirit from Cobra Ribs, the Tynell family for the loan of their motor yacht, Yarmouth Harbour Masters, Matthew Bates from Made to Measure in Christchurch, Island Brewery and many more besides. This is just the first of what we hope will be an annual event and we couldn’t have done it without the support of so many.”

Pilgrim Bandits Charity operate a wounded serviceman’s kayak training and instructor qualification scheme that prepares them for employment in the growing leisure sector. These lads are taking part in the Greenland expedition in the Autumn but are also working towards a teaching qualification using skills and experience they gained in service.

Things you need to know:
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Out fitting ; We include;

Our standard seat,

Adjustable back strap,

Foot pedals

Triple ply bulk heads

Deck lines


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