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Mega * Wizard Stick Neo SUP paddles

Mega * Wizard Stick Neo  SUP paddles

Mega Wizard Stick Neo 
The glass blade set is neo 


After months of trying to make a perfect paddle we are now please to introduce version 3 of the Wizard stick .
These are really strong , have a really fine blade profile and they are light ... (A set of glass blade carbon shaft cut to 210cm with + 40cm adjustment is 815g 

The blades come are  medium surface area  (670cm2),  with straight carbon  or glass "reinforced shaft  . 


The blades are spoon shape tip to tail and flat across the middle plane with a thin profile to bite the water efficiently with no flutter. The shafts are 30mm and inserted into a 70mm long sleeve in the neckof the blade for extra strength .


Custom length options (max atainable length 250cm) 

Super, super .... Super STRONG ,  stiff ,  With so much power and control ,  coupled with a shaft built to survive the pressures that our Mega test team members can inflict on a paddle.

Very light , almost all flex eliminated from the blade so the power output is immense

  The perfect hand crafted 


These paddles are all custom finished to match your personal requirements , delivery is 7 days approximatley !


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