Our latest surf kayak the "REFLEX" is now in production. A 100% performance orientated pocket rocket for the lighter surfers out there. Strong emphasis has be put on power and how the kayak can generate more from the wave. When we finished with the power we took away the resistance. When we finished with resistance we added "Total Attack". - the result... With the flat hull low rails and shorter power pocket rear end you will send this boat into orbit. Ski type Ariels, slides and 360's are here! This baby will eat the waves.
Then for good measure we added comfort!

The Reflex wil take the Kayak surfing world to new limits - places that others can only dream of. Get a life, get a Reflex!


Reviews of the Reflex:




Photo sequence by Geoff Tydeman

Reviews of the Reflex:
Reflex review

The Reflex Fast, Radical and Short…a major step in the design revolution of surf kayaking….

I've been looking for some time for a kayak that has the performance of the Fury, but the Take-off speed of something like the Prowler. For competition surfing and fast flat water speed is a definite advantage and for dropping into steep take-offs you need to be up and planning quick. The Reflex is the closest thing to this I have surfed…

…aptly named, as the 1 st time I took the boat out I was blown away by the responsiveness. I definitely had to speed up my thinking about manoeuvres.

This is the most ski-like kayak I have paddled and although slightly shorter than the Fury, has many advantages. The extra volume seems to play a critical role in the advanced performance, enabling the surfer to sit further back which means all the turning is coming from the back rails. Bottom turns are really snappy and the boat holds the speed up the face really well. The thicker rails keep the boat sitting high in the water, which means that the boat planes quickly and holds it speed during the most critical points of manoeuvres. Yesterday I was out near Newcastle on a small but punchy beach break and was putting my bottom turn in right below the pocket, coming almost straight up the face and throwing a big slash in the most critical section of the lip. The boat held speed all the way through without stalling on the top, so I could drop straight back into the pocket and continue riding…awesome feeling!

Although extremely edgy, the boat is remarkably stable on steep walls and barrels. This is probably because of the sitting position again, being further back, keeps the nose and front rails up slightly. With slightly more nose rocker than the Fury, the Reflex also out-performs on floaters and when hitting the lip slightly late. By lifting the nose up over and white, you can maintain speed and regain the next section much easier.

So what price do you pay for performance?... The kayak is comfortable, with a similar sitting position to the Fury, so that's not an issue. With the seat slightly raised and the extra volume in the back deck, the kayak is more difficult to roll and much harder to duck-dive through waves. With the faster flat water speed, getting out back is a little easier in most conditions and the hump does help to get over steep ‘lumps' without loosing much speed.

The Reflex is a great step in the evolution of the sport and is going to enable top paddlers to push even more radical moves… watch this space!
Chris Harvey

Here's a coupla pics taken by Leigh-ann Crane showing Chris at Leven session 4th Feb 2006.  They were taken in sequence and well illustrate what Chris was saying about making late drops and sticking them.



Combining the dynamic traits of the Fury with the modern design, speed and power of the Neutron, this new Reflex has got to be a winner!

The Reflex has the same completely flat hull design and low, sharp rails that give its big brother, the Neutron, such speed. The seating position is back from the centre, with fins near the stern allowing the front of the kayak to be released easily enabling tight turns. These two boats also share the new-shape deck – more foot-room and a higher knee position is a big improvement on paddling comfort for me, and there's a bump of extra volume on the back deck.

Where these two boats differ is in their length. At just 7' 1” the Reflex suits a very dynamic, fast and tight surfing style, making great use of the speedy new hull in the pocket of the wave. At nearly six foot tall I was convinced there was no way I would fit in the Reflex … until I managed to jump straight in the boat, with plenty of space around me. It's a Tardis!

The Reflex is amazingly fast. Its low, sharp rails gripped the wave exactly where I wanted, never losing height or the power of the wave. Carving hard and fast out of the bottom turn, I found the grip of the rails combined with the shortness of the boat driving me vertically up to the lip. This sets up perfectly for either a waveski-like slashed top turn or getting airborne.

That bump of extra volume on the back deck, the “Power Pocket”, was very noticeable in stopping a few back loops whilst paddling out, and seemed to help me get my weight forwards when making sections, and for some awesome speed down the line.

I like a dynamic, “short-board” style boat – the Reflex is so much fun!

From Philip Watson. England Junior team member!



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