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Nutter Helmets Comp helmet

Nutter Helmets Comp helmet
Nutter Helmets CE rated helmet  liner dual dencity foam with lycra comfort outer layer Nutter Helmets "Comp" helmet Nutter Helmets "Comp" helmet
Polo, Surf , slalom or Freestyle !
The Nutter Helmets Comp helmet has been especially designed to offer superior coverage of the head and neck areas , The kicked up tail allows full movement and won't snag on your shoulders and PFD like other similar designed helmets .

It is available in 3 specs Glass (@300g shell) or
Carbon non CE (@200g shell) , these specs have limited lining and come with a foam strip fitting kit.
Or a fully lined CE rated model made with Carbon and Carbon Innegra 250-300g shell

We can supply them coloured , custom gel coat finished , glitter finish, or bare carbon finish.
We do not include or supply the face guard .

They are all custom built to order ( 10 days build time) .

The NON CE helmets are for use as Polo helmets only they are not to be used on moving water!
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Our price: £50.00 (EURO €57.50)
including VAT
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