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Carbon Whitewater paddles , Surf paddles *Special introductory price*

Carbon Whitewater paddles , Surf paddles *Special introductory price*

*Special introductory price for the 1st 100 paddles we produce.
We want to get a set of these in the hands of every paddler we can, so here they are at a price 
that will just blow your mind.. Take a look .. They are £50 cheaper than the best glass paddle
and over £90 cheaper than the best priced carbon paddle !!  The perfect hand crafted Carbon bladed
paddle with a choice of Carbon Kevlar or Carbon shafts*



Mega Flying Squad  Carbon Paddles

( for Surf and Whitewater )

Our test team have been asking for a paddle that is as strong as possible for a while, a paddle they are happy to take out in any conditions, strong , reliable, full of flutter free control and at a sub 1000g weight.

Team tester Aiden Brackenbury ( the man who carved a turn so hard he snapped a werner shaft )  
has been out testing the new Mega "Flying squad" paddle and it's good to go!.


A choice of 2 blade sizes
Medium 660 cm square surface area (44 L  x 19.5 W cm )
Large 725 cm square surface area ( 46 L x 20 W cm )

Super stiff carbon blade with so much power and control ,  coupled with a shaft built to survive the
pressures that our Mega test team members can inflict on a paddle.

Light, strong, buoyant and powerful!

The Blades are made from 95% carbon fibre layed in a multi directional laminate with a
Carbon Innegra spine for extra strength with e-glass  for stiffness and impact resistance all of which
is pre-impregnated with super strong epoxy resin.

These blades are manufactured at very high pressures to produce an extremely
solid hard wearing edge.

The Super strong  shaft is  Prepreg Carbon Kevlar 30.5mm O/D
The Strong shaft is 29mm O/D Prepreg Carbon with reinforcment patches in the ends and in
the hand ovaling area.
The Light shaft is 28.5mm O/D Prepreg Carbon
The Crank shaft is Prepreg Carbon with reinforcements tested to 750kg breaking stress
loading in the hand grip area

All shafts are supplied with an oval shaft in the area of the hand grip.

Sample weight @ 194cm "strong shaft"  = Only 920g [+/- 3%]


Split paddle options available!



These paddles are all custom finished to match your personal requirements , delivery is 10-14 days approximatley !


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Our price: £175.00 (USD $247.10)
including VAT
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