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Mega * Wizard Stick * Surf and WW

Mega * Wizard Stick *  Surf and WW
Big blade shape Thin profile blade UD weave carbon straight shaft Bent shaft Bent carbon shaft Our bent shaft on right (other european brand on left) Our bent shaft on left (other UK brand on right)

Mega Wizard Stick 


After months of trying to make a perfect paddle we are now please to introduce version 2 of the Wizard stick .
These are really strong , have a really fine blade profile and they are light ... (A set of carbon big blade (890cm/sq blade area) straight shaft 194cm come in at just 785 grams).

The blades come in large medium, small sizes with carbon straight shaft, carbon bent shaft, glass "sky pole" style shaft and glass bent shaft available.

Our test team have been asking for a paddle that is as strong as possible for a while, a paddle they are happy to take out in any conditions, strong , reliable, full of flutter free control and at a sub 1000g weight.

The blades are spoon shape tip to tail and flat across the middle plane with a thin profile to bite the water efficiently with no flutter. The shafts are 30mm and inserted into a 70mm long sleeve in the neckof the blade for extra strength .

We offer A choice of 3 blade sizes

Large 850 cm square surface area ( 48 L x 22.5 W cm )
Medium 745 cm square surface area ( 43 L x 22 W cm )
Small 690 cm square surface area (42 L  x 21 W cm )
(custom shapes are available)

Shaft is straight  30mm with ovaled hand grip area so your hands are always in the right place .

Carbon lay up is  under 800g for a 194cm straighr shaft paddle


Super, super .... Super STRONG ,  stiff ,  With so much power and control ,  coupled with a shaft built to survive the pressures that our Mega test team members can inflict on a paddle.

Very light , almost all flex eliminated from the blade so the power output is immense

The Carbon paddles are made from 97% carbon fibre layed in a multi directional laminate with epoxy resin.

The Glass paddles are coloured blade 

  The perfect hand crafted 


These paddles are all custom finished to match your personal requirements , delivery is 10-14 days approximatley !

Team tester Aiden Brackenbury ( the man who carved a turn so hard he snapped a werner shaft )  
has been out testing the new Mega "Flying squad" paddle and it's good to go!.


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